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Put an End to Stinky Bathrooms

Try the poo spray that completely neutralizes odors

You know the feeling-you have to go to the bathroom, but there are guests, roommates or family members in the house. Never be afraid to cause a stink again when you use poo spray from Love My Throne. Our specially formulated spray was created over a six-month period to completely neutralize odors, so you can relieve yourself guilt-free.

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Stop unpleasant scents in their tracks.

About Our Product


Discover the difference Love My Throne makes.


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Leave the bathroom smelling better than when you entered it

The Love My Throne poo spray was formulated to help everyday people with an everyday problem. Our owner, Cody Miller, used his 25 years of experience creating cleaning products to develop an environmentally safe and completely effective poo spray. The essential oils in our spray leave behind a lasting scent, so your toilet will actually smell better after you've used it.

If you worry about causing unpleasant smells in the bathroom, order poo spray from Love My Throne today.

Eliminate even the strongest odors

When it comes to all of the poo sprays on the market, what makes ours special? Love My Throne is the preferred poo spray for homeowners because:


  • Each bottle contains hundreds of sprays
  • It's locally made
  • It can neutralize even the most pungent smells
  • Two travel size bottles (3-80 ml) or (2-30 ml)







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